Kano is the commercial and investment hub of Northern Nigeria and the largest non-oil and gas economy in Nigeria, with a GDP of approximately US$12 billion. The Kano economy is driven largely by commerce, manufacturing and subsistence agriculture – the dominant activity, with up to 70% of the population engaged directly or indirectly. The informal sector is strong and diverse, with numerous MSMEs across all economic activities and contributing approximately 60 – 70% of output and employment.

The State has historically been a major commercial and manufacturing centre in the West African sub region even before the incorporation of the country into the European System of global commerce. It has been a major entry port and southern hub of the trans Saharan trade route for centuries.

KANINVEST, is mandated to, among others issues, encourage, promote, coordinate and support investment activities in Kano State.

Agriculture 61%

Commerce 19%

Transport 08%

Mining 03%