Kano Markets

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Kurmi Market

Kurmi Market is one of the biggest and oldest markets in Nigeria.  It was founded by the Emir of Kano, Mohammad Rumfa, in the 15th Century in 1463. It is positioned almost at the centre of Kano City, slightly away from Emir's Palace and the Kano Central mosque. The Kurmi Market is an excellent place to purchase locally woven materials, local textiles, dyed materials, sculptures (mostly animals like giraffe, elephants, ducks etc), carved stones, silver jewelries, beaded jewelries, jewelry box, leather (cow hide mostly - but genuine leather all the same) shoes, bags, wallets, stuffed animals, local musical instruments (best used for decorations), ostrich feathered shoes, bags and lots of goodies. You would also see a lot of fresh fruit with their palatable scents.



Kwari Market

Kantin Kwari Market is the biggest textile market in Africa. The market is known mainly for Clothing, Lifestyle, Sample Materials and offering Ankara Textiles, English Laces, and George Materials.



Dawanau Market

Dawanau Market is the largest grain market in Africa. No one has ever disputed this claim perhaps because of the sheer volume of business activities that takes place at the market daily, and the influx of buyers from countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, America and Saudi. At Dawanau, goods are on daily basis transported to Togo, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Ghana Central African Republic, South Africa, Libya and other African countries. Outside Africa, traders from Burma, Dubai, India, China, Britain, America, Saudi and other countries also patronize the grains/ seeds market for items like Moringa seed and leaf, Sesame seed, Hibiscus flower (Sobo)and other items such as Soya beans, Beans, Cassava, Millet, Guinea corn and other items.